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Gift Acceptance and Campaign Counting

Gift Acceptance and Campaign Counting

All university employees and volunteers must adhere to this policy, which also acts as a guide for prospective donors and their advisors, providing assurance that all donors are treated equitably.
CASE Compliance
To ensure the highest possible gift and campaign integrity, all charitable contributions to USC will be counted and recorded into the University Advancement database of record in accordance with the standards set forth by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Any exception to CASE standards must be

Initial assessment (Student Misconduct)

Receipt and outreach
After receiving a report of prohibited conduct, the Title IX Office contacts the Reporting Party to explain rights under this policy and reporting options on and off campus; to invite the Reporting Party to an in person meeting; and to provide resources and appropriate referrals. This is called outreach and is most commonly done via the student’s email account.
Title IX also notifies the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services, a confidential resource described above, so that they

General Principles of Investigation and Adjudication (Student Misconduct)

General principles 
Presumption of non-responsibility
The investigation is a neutral, fact-finding process. Reports are presumed made in good faith. Further, Respondents are presumed not responsible. This presumption is overcome only when a preponderance of the evidence establishes that the Respondent committed the prohibited conduct charged.
Standard of proof
The standard of proof to find a violation of this policy is a preponderance of the evidence.
Preponderance of the evidence means that based on the totality of evidence and reasonable inferences drawn therefrom, it is more

Vehicle/Driver Requirements

This policy covers requirements for the use of university vehicles. Notwithstanding this policy, USC reserves the right, at its discretion, to prohibit any individual from driving a university vehicle. Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
Vehicle maintenance requirements
Each department using university-owned vehicles is responsible for ensuring:

quarterly maintenance checks are performed,
records of these checks are maintained, and
maintenance issues are properly addressed.

The Fleet Safety Committee may conduct audits of a department’s maintenance

Vehicle/Driver Requirements

Part 9 – Templates for Solicitation Letters for Reviewers (UCAPT)

9.1 For promotion or appointment as associate professor or full professor, whether or not involving the grant of tenure. (If the reviewer is a collaborator, please use the collaborator letter template instead.)
Dear [reviewer’s title name]:
I am requesting your assistance on behalf of the [Department/School] in a frank evaluation of the scholarship [or artistic work] of [candidate name], who is being considered for [appointment/promotion] to the rank of [ ] professor [with/without tenure] [Or he/she already holds tenure.]. I have enclosed

Part 8 – The Dossier (UCAPT)

8.1 Dossier Overview

A checklist for dossier preparation is provided in the appendix of this UCAPT Manual. Details about each section are provided in the materials that follow. Potential modifications for senior lateral appointment dossiers are noted in section 6.2. If questions arise in dossier preparation, the Provost’s Office is available for consultation.

The Recommendation for Appointment or Recommendation for Promotion form should be included in the front of the dossier.
Included below is a sample summary of both the candidate’s portions and

Part 7 – Information for Librarians and Research, Teaching, Practitioner and Clinical (RTPC) Faculty (UCAPT)

7.1 Information on Librarian Promotions and Appointments
For librarians, the President receives the advice of the University Committee on Librarian Appointments, Promotions and Continuing Appointments (see Faculty Handbook 4-H (1)). Librarians must possess a strong service commitment along with a theoretical, broadly-based understanding of how information is created, organized, disseminated, accessed, preserved, and recast to encourage new discoveries. The primary emphasis in promotions and the grant of continuing appointments to librarians is on excellent professional performance in discharging the librarian’s responsibilities.

Part 6 – Information for Senior Lateral Appointments (UCAPT)

6.1 Timing and the UCAPT Process
Senior lateral appointments use the same basic dossier format and UCAPT process as promotions, but some abbreviation and modifications of the process are permissible, as detailed below.
All appointment offers require approval by the Provost through the UCAPT process if they are at the associate professor or professor rank, with or without tenure. The Provost’s approval must be obtained before a firm offer letter is issued. (However, visiting, RTPC, and assistant professor appointments are made by