Faculty Issues

Faculty Handbook 2015

  • Questions about applying the Faculty Handbook should be directed to the Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs at  graddy@usc.edu or (213) 740-6715
  • Questions about proposed amendments to the Faculty Handbook should be addressed to the Vice Provost and Senior Adviser to the Provost at levine@usc.edu or (213) 740-2101


Accommodations for Nursing Mothers
Appointments, Promotion, Tenure (UCAPT manual)
Class Scheduling
Conflict of Interest in Research
Criminal Background Screening
Conflict of Interest in Professional and Business Practices
Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination
Evaluation of Department Chairs and Faculty
Fundraising Coordination
Hiring Foreign Nationals
Human Anatomic Materials Procurement
Individual Development Plans for Faculty
Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research
Intellectual Property
Personnel Files and Payroll Records
Relationships with Industry
Scientific Misconduct

How to File Complaints

Accounting and Auditing Complaint Reporting
Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault
Regulatory policy violations, refer to Compliance Help and Hotline [EXTERNAL LINK]
Reporting Wrongdoing
Sexual harassment complaints against faculty, see Faculty Handbook, Section 6
Sexual harassment complaints against students, see SCampus [EXTERNAL LINK]

Faculty Leaves

California Military Spouse Leave
Family Care and Medical Leave (also see Faculty Handbook, Section 9)
Judicial Proceedings Leave
Jury Duty Leave (also see Faculty Handbook, Section 3)
Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault – Victim Leave
Medical leave of absence (including maternity leave), see Faculty Handbook, Section 3
Military Leave (also see Faculty Handbook, Section 3)
Sabbatical leave, see Faculty Handbook, Section 3
School Activities Leave
Special leave, see Faculty Handbook, Section 3
Vacation, see Faculty Handbook, Section 3
Voting Leave