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Time Off and Paid/Unpaid Leaves

California Military Spouse Leave
Disaster Leave
Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault – Victim Leave
Family Care and Medical Leave (also see Faculty Handbook, Section 9)
Judicial Proceedings
Medical Leave (staff only; for faculty, see Faculty Handbook, Section 3)
Military Leave (also see Faculty Handbook, Section 3)
Paid Bereavement
Paid Jury Duty (also see Faculty Handbook, Section 3)
Paid Sick Time
Paid Staff Vacation
Paid University Holidays
Paid Voting
Paid Winter Recess (staff)
Personal Leave (staff only)
Sabbatical leave, see Faculty Handbook, Section 3
Special leave, see Faculty Handbook, Section 3
Staff Parental Leave (faculty should see Faculty Handbook, Section

Staff Employment

Appropriate Attire and Appearance
Alternative Work Schedule
Employee Definitions
Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation
Layoffs and Reorganizations
Meal Periods
Paid University Service
Performance Evaluations
Providing Employment References
Recruitment and Hiring
Rest Periods
Staff Benefits
Staff Disciplinary Practices
Terms and Conditions of Employment
Time and Attendance Records
Work Schedule


Acceptance of Summons, Complaints and Subpoenas
Conflict of Interest in Research
Conflict of Interest in Professional and Business Practices
Cooperation with Compliance Investigations
Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination
Human Anatomic Materials Procurement
Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research
International Collaborations and Export Controls
Mandated Reporters
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
Political Activity
Protection of Consumer Financial Information
Protection of Social Security Numbers and Other Restricted Information
Record Management
Relationships with Industry
Reporting Wrongdoing
Scientific Misconduct
Prohibited Workplace Conduct materials

Health and Safety

Campus Access
Emergency Management
Environmental Health and Safety
Galen Center – Alcoholic Beverages
Pets on University Property
Protecting Minors
Smoke Free
Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones)
USC Drug-Free
Vehicle/Driver Requirements
Violence-Free Campus

Facilities, Equipment and Real Estate

Equipment Policy
Facilities and Construction Projects
Galen Event Booking
Space Planning and Management
Weekday Football Game Protocol

Development and University Relations

Designating Honorary Alumni
Gift Acceptance and Campaign Counting
Lobbying and Gifts to Government Officials
Scholarship and Grant Awards

Business/Finance, Expenditures, Procurement

Business, Finance, Accounting, Budget
Accounting and Auditing Complaint Reporting
Borrowing and Lending Funds
Misappropriation of University Assets
Recharge Centers
School and Department Commitments
Expenditure policies
Invoice Payments
Mobile Communication Resources and Mobile Communication Authorization form
Procurement Cards
Recruitment and Relocation
Travel Cards
Conflict of Interest in Professional and Business Practices
Diverse Supplier Guidelines
Independent Contractors
Purchasing and Signature Authority
Suppliers and Competition
Surplus Sales

Layoffs and Reorganizations

This policy is Exhibit A of the University of Southern California Severance Pay Plan. It applies to all benefits-eligible staff employees; excluded are per diems, resource employees, temporary employees, faculty, those claiming student status (including teaching and research assistants), and staff employees who were employed for a specific period of time only (e.g., in a position funded by contract and/or grant offer of fixed term employment) where an end date was communicated in writing to the staff employee at the

USC Drug-Free

Federal regulations require that, as a condition of receiving funds or any other form of financial assistance under any federal program, an institution of higher education must certify that it has adopted and implemented a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees. A notification regarding the university’s drug and alcohol prevention efforts is provided annually to each member of the USC community in accordance with this regulation.  This webpage

Student Health Leave of Absence

USC recognizes that health needs may on occasion interfere with a student’s ability to remain in his/her academic program. The university’s goal in these circumstances is to support students so they are able to address their health needs and return to complete their program. As such, the university provides two types of health leaves, a Voluntary Health Leave of Absence and a Mandated Health Leave of Absence. Both types of health leaves, and the process for returning from leave, are