Background Screening

The university conducts background screening, including screening for criminal convictions, on all applicants after a conditional offer of employment, and as a condition of employment.

Bank Accounts

No individual, school, department, institute, center, subunit, group or organization associated with or affiliated with the university (including associated alumni or student organization) is authorized to open a commercial or retail bank account in or using the university’s name, identification or tax information.

Class Scheduling

Each school and department must distribute its course offerings over all five days of the week and over the full day from 8am through 5pm.

Agreement to Arbitrate Claims

All newly hired or rehired staff employees and existing staff, who voluntarily transfer to new positions (voluntary transfers) or are promoted within the university into posted positions, are required to enter into a written Agreement to Arbitrate Claims (“Agreement”) as a condition of employment, transfer, or promotion.

Campus Access

The university reserves the right to restrict or prohibit access to university property and to prohibit certain activities on campus.

Authority to Sign Contracts and Agreements

A school or department may only enter into an agreement with an outside entity in the name of the corporate entity (the “University of Southern California”). All agreements the university enters into must be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel prior to execution, and sufficient time must be scheduled into the drafting process to allow for proper review.