Gifts and Hospitality Policy

As USC Employees, we are accountable for evaluating the G&H that are given and received in accordance with this policy. USC employees must ensure that giving or receiving G&H does not improperly influence or appear to improperly influence an individual’s decision-making abilities.

Political Site Visit Policy

1. Policy Issued: February 15, 2022Last Reviewed: N/ALast Revised: N/A 2. Policy Purpose The purpose of this policy to ensure that the University of Southern California (“USC”) complies with applicable laws when hosting site visits with Government Officials and candidates. Site visits are an opportunity for the university to build and maintain relationships with Government Officials.…

Alternative Workweek Schedules

An alternative workweek schedule is defined as one in which a non-exempt staff employee is scheduled to regularly work in excess of eight hours in any workday.

Background Screening

The university conducts background screening, including screening for criminal convictions, on all applicants after a conditional offer of employment, and as a condition of employment.

Appropriate Attire and Appearance

Employees must report to work dressed appropriately and according to the requirements of the position and department; good grooming and personal hygiene are expected.

Bank Accounts

No individual, school, department, institute, center, subunit, group or organization associated with or affiliated with the university (including associated alumni or student organization) is authorized to open a commercial or retail bank account in or using the university’s name, identification or tax information.

University Committee on Appointments, Promotions, Tenure

The University Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (UCAPT) serves as the ultimate advisory body to the Provost, who retains final authority on behalf of the President.

Class Scheduling

Each school and department must distribute its course offerings over all five days of the week and over the full day from 8am through 5pm.

Agreement to Arbitrate Claims

All newly hired or rehired staff employees and existing staff, who voluntarily transfer to new positions (voluntary transfers) or are promoted within the university into posted positions, are required to enter into a written Agreement to Arbitrate Claims (“Agreement”) as a condition of employment, transfer, or promotion.

Campus Access

The university reserves the right to restrict or prohibit access to university property and to prohibit certain activities on campus.


USC encourages the creation of repositories (sometimes called biorepositories, registries, banks, or libraries) that provide access, for use in future research, to data and human biospecimens.

Affiliated Organizations

Consistent with its tax-exempt purposes, the university may, from time to time, establish affiliates that operate as separate organizations.

Borrowing and Lending Funds

This policy outlines the rules required for the borrowing or lending of funds by any school or department within the university.

Acceptance of Summons, Complaints and Subpoenas

Faculty and non-faculty employees must exercise care when presented with any documents concerning legal actions in which the university or its employees are involved.