Roof Access

This policy seeks to reduce the inherent risks and dangers that building rooftops can present by limiting building rooftop access to Authorized Persons only.

Licensing and Certification

The University of Southern California (“USC” or “university”) is committed to providing an environment of excellence in the spirit of our Unifying Values. To uphold our commitment to excellence and to ensure the integrity and safety of staff, faculty, students and university stakeholders, the university has an obligation to ensure that all employees, faculty and staff, fulfill all certification, license, and registration requirements for their roles, based on their job classification or job duties

Service and Assistance Animal

The purpose of this policy to articulate the conditions under which Service and Assistance Animals are permitted access to University grounds and facilities.

USC Standards, Guidelines and Procedures

University Committee on Appointments, Promotions, Tenure

External Surveys and Rankings Data Management Policy

Applies to: Faculty (including part-time and visiting faculty), and staff (including postdoctoral scholars and student workers) employed by University of Southern California and its subsidiaries including the USC Health System. This policy continues to apply to individuals on sabbatical, other leaves or while visiting other institutions. Issued: February 1, 2023Last Revised: N/ALast Reviewed: N/A 1. Policy Purpose The…

Third Party Integrity and Accountability Code

We focus on integrity in all we do. Our Third Parties are a vital part of how we achieve our mission, and we must work together to do the right thing in all of our dealings. When working with us or on our behalf, we expect you to perform at the highest standard of business…

Data Privacy Policy

This policy represents USC’s commitment to respecting and protecting the privacy of its students, patients, faculty, staff, research subjects, and anyone from whom USC Personnel collect or receive Personal Information. The University is also committed to protecting the privacy of Personal Information within its direct and indirect control in a manner consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and University policies, procedures, and principles.

Single-use Plastics Elimination – Beverage Bottles

The purpose of this university-wide policy is to eliminate Single-use Plastic Beverage Bottles from campus and medical enterprise operations. By shifting procurement practices, prioritizing reuse and increasing waste diversion and reduction measures, over the next few years, USC intends to transition away from all Single-Use Plastic Beverage Bottles on campus and reach its zero waste goals.

Staff Parental Leave

All staff employees are eligible for these unpaid leaves; excluded are those claiming student status (including teaching and research assistants).

Paid Personal Holiday Policy

USC values providing staff with time away from work to observe personal, religious, cultural, or related holidays and special events without the need to use their vacation time. The intention of this policy is to provide staff employees with a paid personal holiday for this purpose that may be used during times in which USC remains open.

Workers Compensation Policy

USC is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for faculty, staff, student workers (including post-doctoral and graduate student workers), and volunteers (“Eligible Individual(s)”). The University follows an established Workers’ Compensation policy.

Policy on Policies

All faculty, staff, students, and contractors involved in the development, approval, implementation, or maintenance of University Policies and related resources are expected to comply with this policy. This policy defines a University Policy, explains the relationship to related resources, and describes the key expectations, requirements, and methodology throughout the policy lifecycle, including development, maintenance, retirement, and archiving.

Collections Or Gifts-in-Kind Acquisitions

The USC Acquisitions Policy exists to ensure that all collections acquisitions or gifts-in-kind to the University are transferred to University ownership according to all applicable laws, regulations, University standards, and museum artifact and works-of-art professional organization best practices.

Collections Loans

The USC Collections Loans Policy exists to ensure that all collections, acquisitions artworks, artifacts, or manuscript materials are loaned or temporarily transferred to University ownership according to all applicable laws, regulations, University standards, and museum artifact and works-of-art and library and archives professional organization best practices.

Collections Deaccession

1. Policy Issued: November 24, 2021Last Revised: November 24, 2021Last Reviewed: June 30, 2022 2. Policy Purpose The USC Special Collections Deaccession Policy exists to ensure that all special collections artworks and/or artifacts sold, donated, transferred, or otherwise removed the University are conveyed to non-University ownership according to all applicable laws, regulations, University standards, and…

Information Security Logging and Monitoring

Please view policy to access additional details.

Asset Management

Please view policy to access additional details.

Clery Policy

The requirements in this policy are designed to facilitate USC’s compliance with the “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998,” (the “Clery Act”). The Clery Act requires USC to disclose specified crime report statistics on and near its campuses, to provide other safety and crime information to the campus community in an accurate, complete, and timely manner, and to maintain written policies and procedures implementing the Clery Act.

Event, Gatherings and Tailgate Fencing Policy

The university uses fencing of various heights to create a barrier or barricade to control the flow and capacity at an event. Fencing is also required when serving alcoholic beverages by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the latter of whom signs off on ABC service permits.

Face Covering Policy

THIS POLICY APPLIES TO ALL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF 1. POLICY Issued: August 16, 2021Last Revised: October 6, 2022Last Reviewed: October 6, 2022 2. Policy Purpose The purpose of the Face Covering Policy is to protect and support the health and safety of the University of Southern California (“USC”) community, including the…

Athletics Student – Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Policy

The vision of USC is to have the most student-athlete centered athletics program in the nation. In alignment with that vision, we support the ability of our student-athletes to earn compensation from third parties for the use of their name, image, and likeness (“NIL”), consistent with this Policy and California’s Fair Pay to Play Act.

Protecting Minors

The university is committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of students and others who are entrusted to our care or visit our campuses, especially those who are particularly vulnerable, including patients, volunteer subjects of research, and the children in our daycare and community outreach programs.

University Signature

This policy identifies who is authorized to enter into Agreements on behalf of the University and how authorized individuals may delegate signature authority. This policy also outlines conditions that must be met before any Agreement on behalf of the University is signed and the use of electronic signatures.


The purpose of this policy is to define courseware ownership by way of creation, generating income and/or royalties, outlining contractual courseware agreements, competition, conflict of interest and USC Trademarks and Third-Party Copyrights.