HIPAA GEN-105 Disclosures of Deidentified

The University of Southern California (USC) may use or disclose de-identified health information without obtaining a patient’s authorization.

HIPAA GEN-103 Public Policy Disclosures

USC may use or disclose PHI for treatment, payment and health care operations without an individual’s authorization in accordance with USC HIPAA Policy CLIN – 201 and USC’s Notice of Privacy Practices, provided the individual has acknowledged receipt of USC’s Notice of Privacy Practices or USC has made good faith efforts to obtain the individual’s acknowledgement of receipt.

HIPAA GEN-102 When to Obtain Authorizations

The University of Southern California (USC) may use and disclose an individual’s Protected Health Information (PHI) only pursuant to a written Authorization of the
patient or the patient’s Personal Representative with the following exceptions.

University Signature

This policy identifies who is authorized to enter into Agreements on behalf of the University and how authorized individuals may delegate signature authority. This policy also outlines conditions that must be met before any Agreement on behalf of the University is signed and the use of electronic signatures.

Joint Ventures

The objective of this policy is to protect the university’s tax-exempt status in situations in which the university may enter into a joint venture with one or more parties that are not exempt from federal income taxation.

Affiliated Organizations

Consistent with its tax-exempt purposes, the university may, from time to time, establish affiliates that operate as separate organizations.

Records Management

All units of the university are responsible for ensuring appropriate use, retention and destruction of university records by establishing and following record management practices consistent with this policy.

Protection of Consumer Financial Information—Under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

USC is committed to protecting the privacy of non-public customer information.

Acceptance of Summons, Complaints and Subpoenas

Faculty and non-faculty employees must exercise care when presented with any documents concerning legal actions in which the university or its employees are involved.

Intellectual Property

The purpose of this Policy is to educate members of the University community about their rights and responsibilities regarding intellectual property.