August 22, 2016

Evidence Hearing (Student Misconduct)

After each party has reviewed the evidence, the Reporting Party and Respondent are given an individual and separate opportunity to respond. This is called the Evidence Hearing.

The Evidence Hearing occurs at the Title IX Office and is held by the Title IX Coordinator and assigned investigator. It is an opportunity for each party to respond orally or by submission of a written statement to the evidence collected during the investigation and viewed in Evidence Review.

At this time, the Title IX Coordinator will ask each party the questions submitted by the other. The Title IX Coordinator has the responsibility to exclude questions that are inflammatory, argumentative, or relate to character evidence or non-relevant sexual history. Responses provided are considered evidence and may be used in the findings of fact and responsibility.

If new information is shared by a party during the Evidence Hearing, the opposing party will be provided an opportunity to review and respond. New information is relevant, material, and temporally proximate to the conduct at issue, and tends to make a fact or inference more or less likely; it is not responsive commentary or emotion.