August 20, 2018

If the Respondent is a third-party (Student Misconduct)

A third-party is an individual who is not a university student or staff employee or participant in any university-related program or activity; for example, visitors and guests. If the Respondent is a third-party, the university’s ability to take action may be limited and is determined by the context of the prohibited conduct and the nature of the relationship of the third-party to the university. The Title IX Coordinator will determine the appropriate manner of resolution which may include referral to area law enforcement, restriction from access to campus or university activities, or to the Title IX Coordinator of the home school of the third-party.

The university will offer resources and assistance to all community members who experience and/or are affected by prohibited conduct. In instances when this policy does not apply, the university will assist in identifying and contacting external law enforcement agencies and appropriate campus or community resources.

You may contact the Title IX Coordinator by:


(213) 740-5086


Mail or in person

USC Office of Equity and Diversity/Title IX
USC Credit Union Building
3720 South Flower St, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0704