August 22, 2016

Intervention in lieu of investigation (Student Misconduct)

Some conduct reported under this policy may be appropriately addressed by intervention prior to or during an investigation. Intervention is a remedies-based, non-disciplinary approach designed to address reported behavior, prevent recurrence, and remedy effects without a formal finding of responsibility and without taking disciplinary action against a Respondent.

Intervention prior to or during an investigation will be considered only when consistent with institutional values and legal obligations. Intervention is not appropriate for cases involving sexual assault, sexual contact, or intimate partner violence.

Examples of interventions are targeted or broad-based educational programming/training, direct confrontation of the Respondent, and/or direct or indirect action by the Title IX Coordinator or the university. Depending on the form of intervention used, it may be possible to maintain anonymity of the Reporting Party. Intervention will never require the Reporting Party to directly confront the Respondent.

Failure to comply with any required act in an intervention may result in a formal investigation and resultant disciplinary action.