Minors on Campus

As a research university, USC’s campuses and facilities are generally not an appropriate environment for minors unless they are matriculated students or enrolled in a program specifically designed for children and appropriately supervised by adults with the proper training and credentials. In some locations, such as laboratories, allowing unauthorized or untrained personnel may also violate federal and state law. In light of this environment:

  1. No child may be left alone on campus at any time for any reason; DPS will be notified if a child is left unattended on campus.
  2. Resident students may not “babysit” minors in their rooms, including relatives. Minors may not accompany students to class.
  3. If a minor accompanies a parent or guardian to work, the parent or guardian must supervise the child at all times while on university property. Children may be restricted from access to certain areas due to safety concerns, and in no case should the presence of a child be allowed to disrupt other faculty, staff or students.
  4. Students, faculty or staff who have child care emergencies are advised to stay home or make alternative arrangements rather than trying to bring children to campus; faculty and supervisors should exercise leniency in excusing absences resulting from such emergencies. USC is not in a position to provide emergency child care, and no university space is to be used as an alternative to child care, including but not limited to libraries, classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, lounges, restaurants or any other public space. Under no circumstances are sick or infectious children to be brought onto campus, except for treatment at medical care facilities.

Departments and schools may impose additional limits on when and where minors may be present.

Responsible office

Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance
(213) 740-8258

Issued by

Elizabeth Garrett, Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
Todd R. Dickey, Senior Vice President, Administration