August 20, 2018

Private university resources (Student Misconduct)

Private resources will make every effort to keep information shared as private as possible, but they cannot keep it confidential. With the exception of the confidential resources defined above, all university employees designated as Responsible Employees must notify the Title IX Coordinator when they learn of prohibited conduct (see Section V for more information about Responsible Employees).

Private university resources include the Title IX Coordinator, Student Support and Advocacy (SSA), and the Department of Public Safety.

Student Support and Advocacy provides direct support to Reporting Parties, Respondents, or other students who are involved in reports of prohibited conduct. This support includes: avoidance of contact directives; help with academic accommodations; help with taking a leave of absence from the university; and connecting to other available support services and resources.

See for a full list of campus resources and tips for reporting parties and Respondents.