August 22, 2016

Process (Student Misconduct)

The Sanctioning Panel meets biweekly in a noticed, closed meeting. The Title IX Coordinator provides the SARs to be reviewed seven days prior. The SAR is redacted to delete the names and identifying information of the Reporting Party and Respondent.

The Title IX Coordinator is present during the meetings of the Misconduct Sanctioning Panel but does not have a vote in determining the specific sanctions.

The Misconduct Sanctioning Panel reviews the findings of fact and conclusions of policy violation(s) made by the Title IX Office and determines what disciplinary sanction is appropriate. There are no mandatory sanctions in this policy. The Misconduct Sanctioning Panel considers the totality of findings to assess the appropriate discipline in each individual case.

The Misconduct Sanctioning Panel does not reassess or re-evaluate the findings of fact or conclusions of policy violation made by the Title IX Office. The role of the Sanctioning Panel is to determine what sanction is appropriate based on the conclusions of the Title IX Office.

The Title IX Coordinator will simultaneously provide both the Reporting Party and the Respondent the results of the Misconduct Sanctioning Panel in writing.