August 22, 2016

Receipt and outreach (Student Misconduct)

After receiving a report of prohibited conduct, the Title IX Office contacts the Reporting Party to explain rights under this policy and reporting options on and off campus; to invite the Reporting Party to an in person meeting; and to provide resources and appropriate referrals. This is called outreach and is most commonly done via the student’s email account.

Title IX also notifies the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services, a confidential resource described above, so that they may also conduct outreach.

The Title IX Coordinator may refer the report to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS) if it is determined that the conduct does not involve a protected class issue or a form of prohibited conduct under this policy. Reports involving protected class issues that are made to SJACS are referred to the Title IX Office.

Upon report of prohibited conduct that involves a threat to the campus community by an individual or an organization, interim protective measures may be taken by the university. See sections IV Interim Measures and VII Status of the Respondent above for a full explanation of interim protective measures.