August 20, 2018

Reporting to law enforcement and DPS

The university encourages anyone who witnesses or experiences prohibited conduct to make a report to university and/or local law enforcement.

To report prohibited conduct, individuals may contact DPS. When prohibited conduct is reported to DPS, DPS immediately notifies:

  • The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The Reporting Party can request that their name not be provided to LAPD, and DPS will honor that reque LAPD (or the appropriate law enforcement agency if outside of the Los Angeles area) has the responsibility for the investigation of this conduct. DPS does not have investigative jurisdiction over prohibited conduct.
  • The Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Office will provide outreach to the impacted student/staff/faculty to provide resources and reporting options.
  • RSVP, which will provide outreach to the impacted student to provide support and resources.

An individual who wishes to pursue criminal action in addition to, or instead of, making a report to the university may contact law enforcement directly by calling:

  • 911 (for emergencies)
  • The Los Angeles Police Department at 877-ASK-LAPD

DPS, the Title IX Office, or RSVP will assist any individual in reporting to law enforcement regardless of where the prohibited conduct occurred.

An individual has the right to report, or to decline to report, prohibited conduct to law enforcement. A report to law enforcement may instigate criminal investigation and adjudication within the criminal justice system. Sanctions in the criminal justice system are separate and distinct from university administrative sanctions and may involve probation/parole or incarceration.