August 22, 2016

Request by Reporting Party to not proceed (Student Misconduct)

A Reporting Party may request their name not be shared with a Respondent, no investigation be pursued, or no disciplinary action be taken. In these instances, the Title IX Coordinator and/or investigator will discuss the Reporting Party’s concerns and seek to address and remedy barriers to report, like concern about retaliation or lack of clarity about procedural options or potential outcomes.

The Title IX Coordinator will assess appropriate and/or possible action when a Reporting Party requests anonymity or when a Respondent is unknown; specifically, what actions may address the effects of the reported behavior.

The Title IX Coordinator will determine the appropriate manner of resolution under this Policy. The university will seek resolution consistent with the Reporting Party’s request while also protecting the health and safety of the Reporting Party and the university community.

In those instances when the Title IX Coordinator determines that the university must proceed with an investigation despite the request of the Reporting Party, the Title IX Coordinator will notify the Reporting Party that the university intends to initiate an investigation. The Reporting Party is not required to participate in this type of investigation or in any subsequent actions taken by the university.

The university’s ability to fully investigate and respond may be limited if the Reporting Party requests anonymity or declines to participate in an investigation. The university will, however, take other action to limit the effects of the prohibited conduct and prevent its recurrence.

In all cases, the final decision on whether, how, and to what extent the university will conduct an investigation, and whether other measures will be taken in connection with a report of prohibited conduct, rests solely with the Title IX Coordinator.