August 22, 2016

Status of a Respondent during an investigation (Student Misconduct)

In most cases, the status of a Respondent will not be altered upon receipt of a report or during an investigation.

In some cases, interim protective measures may be imposed when there is information that the student or student organization poses a substantial threat: (i) to the safety or well-being of anyone in the university community; (ii) to the property within the university community; or (iii) of disruption or interference with normal university life or functions.

Some factors considered in determining whether to authorize interim protective measures include:

  • The nature and scope of the alleged conduct, including whether the reported behavior involved the use of a weapon or force;
  • The risk posed to any individual or to the campus community including the risk of additional violence or significant disruption of university life or function;
  • Whether there have been other reports of other prohibited conduct or other misconduct by the Respondent;
  • Whether the report reveals a pattern of misconduct related to prohibited conduct at a given location or by a particular group;
  • The university‚Äôs obligation to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment.

Interim protective action may include exclusion from all or part of university housing, exclusion from specified activities or areas of campus, or prohibition from representing the university in any capacity such as playing on an official team, serving in student government, and performing in an official band, ensemble, or production.

Interim protective measures may also include interim suspension which means exclusion from all classes, seminars and programs; prohibition of participation in university-sponsored activities; and exclusion from university premises.

A student or organization subject to interim protective measures is given prompt written notice of the charges and the interim measure. An opportunity for review of the measure is provided within 15 days of the notice by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.

The imposition of interim protective measures does not relieve the student from financial obligations to the university.