Submit or revise a policy

Step 1

To begin the process of issuing or reissuing a university policy, consult with all university entities (individuals, departments, schools, etc.) that may have a stake in the policy before finalizing a draft, which should be written as simply, briefly and clearly as possible, with subheads clearly indicated and with a minimum of footnotes and “legalese.” We aim to ensure that policy is easily understood by all employees.

Step 2

Email draft to Employee Communications, which oversees policy development and communication, at Employee Communications will provide editorial services throughout the process, and shepherd the policy through applicable required review (General Counsel, advisory committees, Compliance, etc.) in a timely fashion.

If there is a regulatory or other policy issue deadline that must be met, your draft must be emailed no later than one month prior to that deadline date.

In addition to the actual policy draft, please send the following required supplementary information:

  1. Why the policy or revision is necessary
  2. Who was consulted in drafting the policy (departments, names/titles)
  3. Who the policy will affect (students, staff, faculty, contractors, visitors, etc.)
  4. Plan for publicizing/communicating the policy (who needs to know, and how will you alert them)
  5. If a revision, a redline version (“strike-add”) showing changes, unless more is changing than is staying the same
  6. URLs for any websites mentioned in policy, or links for additional references or related policy
  7. Name of department to whom questions about the policy should be directed (“Responsible Office”)
  8. URL of department (website)
  9. Departmental (not personal) email contact
  10. Departmental (not personal) phone contact

Step 3

The submission will be reviewed to ensure consistency of format, determine if any further input is needed, and determine whose signatures will be required in order to implement. You will be contacted if questions come up during this phase of the process.

Step 4

Final draft and relevant accompanying background material will be forwarded to General Counsel for final legal review/signature; Employee Communications will manage the process of any further edits and reviews until policy is signed.

Step 5

General Counsel will forward original signed policy to Employee Communications, which maintains the official repository of university policy documentation. Employee Communications will post policy on official policy website, and coordinate/ensure communication of new or updated policies as appropriate.