August 20, 2018

Supportive and protective interim measures (Student Misconduct)

Supportive and protective measures (collectively referred to as interim measures) are those accommodations, services, and other assistance the university puts in place after receiving notice of prohibited conduct, but prior to an outcome being determined. The university will implement reasonable interim measures to facilitate an individual’s continued access to educational programs, activities, and/or employment and will keep these measures private to the extent possible.

Supportive measures are available to the Reporting Party, the Respondent, witnesses, or other members of the university community. Supportive measures are available regardless of whether a report has been submitted to the university or law enforcement, whether the university investigates a report that has been made, or whether the individual participates in an investigation. Supportive measures are designed to address the safety and well-being of an individual and to afford them continued access to university educational and academic opportunities. Examples of supportive measures include access to counseling and medical services, academic support and accommodations, housing accommodations and relocation, a campus escort, and avoidance of contact directives. Supportive measures are voluntary and may be requested, modified, or discontinued at any time.

Protective measures are actions taken by the university after a report of prohibited conduct but prior to an investigative decision. The university will implement protective measures against a Respondent based on the totality of facts known at the time. Protective measures are designed to protect a Reporting Party, witness, or the university community from additional or on going prohibited conduct. Examples of protective measures include schedule modifications separating a Respondent from the Reporting Party, changing a Respondent’s housing accommodations, limiting a Respondent’s access to campus or university events, and/or interim suspension of a Respondent.

Interim measures do not indicate the university has made a decision about the report of prohibited conduct. These measures may be modified at any time and may be kept in place after a final investigative decision is reached.

Individuals seeking an interim measure or who are concerned about the adequacy of an interim measure are encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator. Supportive measures may also be sought through Student Support and Advocacy (SSA), Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP), and the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Failure to comply with interim measures may result in a separate policy violation. Individuals wishing to report a violation of an interim measure should notify the Title IX Coordinator and call the DPS emergency line (University Park Campus 213-740-4321/Health Sciences Campus 323-442-1000) or dial 911 if there is an immediate safety concern.

See sections VII (Status of a Respondent) and VIII (Receipt and Outreach, Intake) below for more information about interim measures.