August 22, 2016

Timing and procedure (Student Misconduct)

The Appellate Panel will meet as needed to review and consider appeals.

Appeals must be submitted within five calendar days from: (i) receipt of the SAR from the Title IX Office in a case in which insufficient evidence is found; or (ii) receipt of  sanction by the Misconduct Sanctioning Panel in a case in which a Respondent is found responsible. The Vice President of Student Affairs may deem a late submission of an appeal reasonable under extraordinary or extenuating circumstances.

Written appeals are submitted electronically to the Title IX Appellate Coordinator at

The Title IX Appellate Coordinator receives all appeals, and within one business day provides notice to the opposing party in writing. The opposing party has five calendar days to respond. Parties are not required to file an appeal, nor required to respond to an appeal filed by the opposing party. Not responding to an appeal is not considered agreement or concession to the issues raised by the opposing party.

The Title IX Appellate Coordinator provides all appellate documents to the Appellate Panel.

The Appellate Panel reviews submitted appellate documents, the SAR, the sanctions, and any supporting documents relevant to the finding of insufficient evidence or responsibility. The Appellate Panel may request in writing additional information from the Title IX Coordinator.

Appeals and final decision shall be completed within thirty calendar days of the filing of an appeal, unless the Vice President for Student Affairs determines that there is good cause to extend that period.