August 20, 2018

To Whom Policies and Procedures Apply (Student Misconduct)

This policy applies to conduct committed by a university student, a participant in any university- related program or activity, and student organizations.

A student is defined as an individual who (a) is currently enrolled in university classes or in one of the university’s degree or non-degree programs; (b) has completed the immediately preceding semester and/or is enrolled for the next scheduled semester; (c) is officially representing the university during a period between regular academic semesters; (d) is not currently enrolled but has a continuing relationship with the university.

A student organization is defined as one which (a) has satisfied the administrative procedures for recognition or (b) is functioning within the university community in the capacity of a student organization.

The university has jurisdiction over a student or student organization when the prohibited conduct occurs (a) on university property; (b) in the context of any university activity; (c) or outside the context of university activities but which may have the effect of posing a serious threat to the university community or creating a hostile environment for any members of the university community.

For the purposes of this policy, the individual who is reported to have experienced prohibited conduct is referred to as the Reporting Party. The Respondent is the individual who is reported to have committed the prohibited conduct. Witnesses are individuals identified by the Reporting Party, Respondent, or during the course of the investigation, who may have information about the alleged prohibited conduct.