Event, Gatherings and Tailgate Fencing Policy

1. Policy

Issued: September 28, 2021
Last Revised: September 28, 2021
Last Reviewed: September 28, 2021                                                       

2. Policy Purpose

The university uses fencing of various heights to create a barrier or barricade to control the flow and capacity at an event. Fencing is also required when serving alcoholic beverages by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the latter of whom signs off on ABC service permits.

3. Scope and Application

This policy applies to all events hosted on the University campuses, leased and owned buildings.

4. Definitions


5. Policy Details

Below is the policy for use and fence height for all outdoor events, gatherings or tailgates.

  • For events, gatherings and tailgates that serve alcoholic beverages from a licensed caterer, or charge for the service of alcoholic beverages (for which an ABC service authorization or permit would be required), a 6’ tall fence is currently required to contain a specific and definable service area either as a “beer garden” style enclosure (the only area within the event site where alcoholic beverages can be sold, served and consumed) or to enclose the full event site.
    • Outdoor events at which service of alcoholic beverages is offered either in a seated manner or where a natural barrier (trees, shrubs, etc.) is present to create distance between guests consuming alcoholic beverages and those outside the permitter may, subject to approval by ABC and LAPD, ask for an exemption to use 3-4’ barricades (picket fence, bicycle rack, etc.).
  • Events, gatherings and tailgates that do not either serve alcoholic beverages from a licensed caterer, or charge for the service of alcoholic beverages are not required to use fencing unless they meet one or more of the following classifications:
    • Expect more than 150 attendees
    • Event attendance is by invite only or ticketed
    • Require a permitter for safety considerations
      • Events that meet these classifications will be reviewed by the Events Committee through the University Events Permit process and may be required to use 3-4’ barricades (picket fence, bicycle rack, stanchion, etc.) or 6’ fencing for events that have a crowd control concern.
  • All events that use fencing are required to post signage that denotes the reasoning for the use of the fencing. Signage should be posted at minimum one sign per side of the permitter of the space, approximately every 40-50’ on the barricade or fence.
    • For events, gatherings or tailgates with alcohol, the following verbiage should be used:
      • “This fencing is required by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to define the approved boundary for the consumption of alcoholic beverages”
    • For events, gatherings or tailgates where barricades are used for crowd control or safety, the following verbiage should be used:
      • “This barricade or fencing is required to denote the boundary of the event space for safe assembly and crowd control”
  • Events using fencing or barricades must abide by all local fire marshal, USC Fire Safety/DPS and USC event policies and requirements for the safety and crowd control including but not limited quantity of egress points, exit signage (lit or un-lit), etc.

6. Procedures


7. Forms


8. Responsibilities

All Students, Faculty, Staff are required to comply with this policy.

9. Related Information

This policy is subject to change as circumstances change, and in response to relevant regulations and guidance issued by government entities.

All groups serving alcoholic beverages must comply with all university alcohol guidelines (also see policy.usc.edu/drug-free)

10. Contacts

Please direct any questions regarding this policy to:

Cultural Relations & University Events(213)740-6786events@usc.edu