July 1, 2005

Work Schedule

Basic Workday

Most university offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A staff employee’s regular work schedule may differ, depending upon the needs of the department, and may be changed at any time at the department’s discretion provided that the staff employee is given sufficient notice. Departments wishing to change a staff employee’s regular work schedule must consult with Human Resources Administration before implementing the change.

The basic workday used for timekeeping purposes for work schedules beginning between 12:00 midnight and 12:00 noon is 12:00 midnight through 12:00 midnight. The basic workday used for timekeeping purposes for work schedules beginning between 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight is 12:00 noon through 12:00 noon.

Standard Work Week

The standard work week used for timekeeping purposes is 12:01 a.m. on Thursday through 12:00 midnight on the following Wednesday, or noon on Thursday through noon on the following Thursday.

Normal Weekly Work Period

The normal weekly work period at the university is 37.5 hours. Depending upon their needs, some departments have established a normal weekly work period of 40 hours. Rates of pay are calculated using the normal weekly work period established by the department.

A staff employee must report to work in accordance with the work schedule established by his or her department. A staff employee must notify his or her supervisor of unexpected absences as soon as he or she knows he or she will be late or unable to report for work and/or request leave in accordance with university policy and departmental procedures regarding tardiness, absences or leave notification.

Alternative Work Schedule

A non-exempt staff employee may not work an alternative work schedule in which he or she is regularly scheduled to work in excess of eight hours in a workday unless the procedures noted in the Alternative Work Schedule policy have been followed.

Appendix A

Common timekeeping Q&As

How do I clock time if I work past midnight in the same shift?

Employees should record their time out at 11:59pm followed by an in time of 12am the following day to ensure the system does not send them an error message. Note that each employee account is already coded based on the work schedule as either “midnight to midnight” or “noon to noon” which determines when a new shift begins for each employee. (You can see this in your Workday profile, under the “Job Details” tab – scroll down to “Work Shift” to view your work schedule.)

Do work lunches count as meal periods?

USC requires employees to be provided the opportunity to take a 30 minute meal break where they are able to get a mental and physical break from their work. Therefore, meals taken during a meeting or while working in any capacity do not qualify as a meal period.

How do I clock time if I’m traveling for USC?

If an employee is sent and works out of town (e.g., business meetings, attending or hosting conferences, student recruiting activities, athletic or fundraising events, etc.), the travel time involved generally constitutes time worked and should be clocked as such. This includes travel time getting to and from the event, time spent waiting to purchase a ticket, check baggage, board, make connections, etc. This is all time in which the employee is subject to the employer’s control, thus the time must be compensated. However, time spent taking a break from travel – eating a meal, sleeping, or engaging in personal pursuits not connected with travel, the event or university business – is not compensable and should not be clocked as time worked.

Do I get paid for time spent managing social media accounts for work?

Time spent managing USC social media accounts, reading news feeds, posting or reposting content, etc., should be recorded as time worked, regardless of when that work takes place. However, employees should discuss with their manager, ahead of time, the expectations for scheduling social media work outside of standard hours (for example, managers should clarify if it’s okay to clock in/out several times over the weekend or in the evening to check social media accounts). Note that employee job descriptions should reflect exact expectations for employees who have social media duties.

Questions about timekeeping or Workday Time Tracking should be directed to the HR Service Center.

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