Providing Employment References

References within USC

The university operates as a single employer and has the right and responsibility to share among university departments accurate employment information concerning the job history and performance of current or former staff employees. Former or current supervisors must provide this information to other USC departments and may not withhold any information related to work performance. This communication must be accurate, candid and objective.

References outside USC

The university provides minimal information for current or former staff employees to non-USC entities. University Payroll Services is the only entity authorized to respond to employment inquiries or to engage the services of a third party vendor to do so on the university’s behalf. In either case, only the employee’s job title, most recent hire date, termination date (if no longer employed by USC), and total time with USC will be provided.

Employment Verification

Any university staff employee (or former employee) may authorize the release of his or her own employment and income information (e.g., for purposes of credit evaluation) by providing to Payroll Services or to the service provider engaged by Payroll Services a specific authorization to release the information to the institution requesting the information.

Responsible Office

Human Resources Administration
(213) 821-8100

Issued by

Todd R. Dickey, Senior Vice President, Administration
University of Southern California