Recognized Student Organization Websites

Recognized student organizations are allowed to maintain a website on the university’s server. This website will remain active provided the student organization stays in good standing with the university, successfully completes the annual recognition process, and complies with university policy and ITS policy regarding the use of web resources. If a student organization fails to meet these requirements, the student organization’s website and email accounts will be temporarily disabled and inaccessible to the public.

A review of all student organizations’ recognition status will occur following the spring recognition period. At that time, any student organization that has not successfully completed the recognition process for the academic year will have its account disabled. The account will remain disabled until the organization is granted recognition status. However, if after four years the student organization does not receive university recognition, the account will be deleted from the university’s server permanently.

In the case of a student organization’s account being disabled for other reasons, such as falling out of good standing with the university, the account will be re-enabled once all sanctions have been met.

The following USC provided disclaimer must be displayed on all student organization websites hosted on university servers.

The University of Southern California does not screen or control the content on this website and thus does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such content. All content on this website is provided by and is the sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated, and such content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the university administration or the Board of Trustees.

Student organizations are permitted to maintain non-university websites. These non-USC hosted websites may not use USC trademarks and groups may not use these sites to describe or portray themselves as recognized student organizations or as official representatives of the university. For a complete list of the university marks and identity standards, please review the USC Identity Program.

Matters of Standard Practice

In the past, when an issue has been raised regarding a student organization website, Student Affairs has met with the student organization to discuss the concerns. Typically, the students have responded to concerns by making responsive changes to the website. Save for the trademark infringement and “use of name” rules outlined above (and consistent with its practice for USC-hosted student websites), the university does not monitor or manage the content of student organizations’ websites on USC servers.

All websites hosted on USC servers must comply with the policies and guidelines outlined in Implementation Policies Governing the Use of Web Resources at USC located at

Responsible Office

Student Affairs
(213) 740-2421

Issued by

Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Executive Vice President and Provost
Todd R. Dickey, Senior Vice President, Administration
University of Southern California