Facilities and Construction Projects

Paint and Carpet Procurement

These work authorization and purchasing guidelines apply to painting and carpeting projects budgeted at $25,000 or less. Projects in excess of $25,000 will be managed by Capital Construction and Development (CCD) and will adhere to guidelines applicable to large projects.

A school, department or division needing to perform a single trade painting or carpeting project (only painters are needed, OR only carpet installers are needed) must contact Facilities Management Services (FMS) at (213) 740-6833 or notify FMS using its work planning system, FAMIS. FMS will notify CCD of the project, and CCD will contact the representative of the school, department or division and arrange a meeting to review the scope of the work.

As part of the review, CCD will determine if the work requires permitting through the City of Los Angeles, and determine if any hazardous material abatement or other extraordinary issues exist. CCD will be responsible for all testing or monitoring for hazardous materials and/or abatement/removal, and the decision to test for hazardous materials will be at the sole discretion of CCD.

If it is determined that the work involved does not require permitting through the City of Los Angeles, CCD will issue a Paint/Carpet Authorization Form. The form will include an authorization number to be used on all purchase orders and contractor invoices for the project. CCD will also provide a list of approved vendors from whom the university has obtained unit prices for painting, carpeting and moving services (no further bidding is required), and only these approved vendors may be used.

The Paint/Carpet Authorization Form will enable the school, department or division to contact one of the approved contractors and arrange directly for the work through the issuance of a purchase order. Purchase orders issued under this process will be reviewed by and must conform to the requirements of Purchasing Services. Purchase orders for carpet must include the name of the manufacturer, type of carpet (weight specification) and unit price. (Schools, departments and divisions may select carpet at the CCD offices.) Purchase orders for painting projects must include the painting quantity (area in square feet) and unit price.

Schools, departments and divisions will be responsible for costs associated with and making arrangement for the following:

  • Moving and/or temporary storage of furniture
  • Providing early and/or late access to buildings for painting or carpeting crews
  • Arranging for any special work or lay down areas required by the contractors
  • Alerting the Transportation Services, Special Events, Student Affairs and Orientation departments of plans in order to avoid potential conflicts (see Paint/Carpet Authorization Form for contact information)
  • Additional work (punch lists) that results from installed work and/or furniture moving, and all needed patching or touch up painting

Although CCD will be responsible for any hazardous material testing and/or abatement, the cost of such testing and/or abatement will be the responsibility of the school, department or division.

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Responsible Office

Capital Construction Development

(213) 740-6833

Issued by

Robert Abeles, Senior Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
University of Southern California