All university signs, both permanent and temporary (i.e. banners), for interior and/or exterior installation, are subject to administrative review and approval by representatives from the Office of the Provost, University Communications and Capital Construction.

Equipment Policy

To establish procedures for the management and control of equipment owned by or in the possession and custody of USC. This includes the acquisition, identification, recording, use, care,
maintenance, disposition, and reporting of U.S. government and contractor-owned equipment
held by the university. These procedures are established to comply with federal regulations with respect to government equipment for which the university is responsible and accountable.

Facilities and Construction Projects

These work authorization and purchasing guidelines apply to painting and carpeting projects budgeted at $25,000 or less. Projects in excess of $25,000 will be managed by Capital Construction and Development (CCD) and will adhere to guidelines applicable to large projects.

Galen Event Booking

As the managing unit for the USC Galen Center, the Athletic Department works with the university community, our neighbors, and local and national entertainment organizations to insure the booking of quality and appropriate events in the center.

Space Planning and Management

USC’s physical facilities, like its personnel and financial assets, are resources to be planned, managed and maintained in a manner which most contributes to the university’s dual missions of research and instruction.