Galen Event Booking

As the managing unit for the USC Galen Center, the Athletic Department works with the university community, our neighbors, and local and national entertainment organizations to insure the booking of quality and appropriate events in the center. While primarily a venue for athletic events, the center may host other events that support our academic mission and enhance the reputation of the university. The purpose of this policy is to provide standards for events, a clear understanding of how priorities will be assigned for scheduling events, and how event fees for various groups will be set.

Event Standards

The university has total discretion in determining which events are appropriate for the center. It is the responsibility of the Director of Athletics or his designee to review the content of any proposed event booking and determine its suitability and compliance with this policy. Theme, language, violence, nudity, sex and drug use are among those content areas considered in the decision-making process. The center does not book events that include music with violent or degrading lyrics or movements; or any events that condone or celebrate the use of illegal or mind-altering drugs.

Priorities for Event Scheduling

University athletic events have first priority for scheduling. Organizations that pay premium rates for use of the center receive second priority. University schools or departments and community events selected by the university’s Office of External Relations are charged at-cost rates for use of the center, but do not receive scheduling priority over university athletics. The Athletic Department has initially reserved up to 20 event days each year for community events selected by External Relations. That number will be reviewed each year and can be adjusted by mutual agreement of the Director of Athletics or his designee and the Director of External Relations. Student events selected by the Vice President for Student Affairs may apply to the Director of Athletics for at- cost rates for venues at the center. The Office of External Relations, at their discretion, will sponsor selected community organizations and budget funds to subsidize the cost of these events. A deposit will be charged to hold any scheduled date on the center calendar. The Director of Athletics retains the authority to remove scheduled events from the calendar; if an event booking is cancelled by the Director of Athletics, the deposit will be returned.

Costs for Use

At-cost rates and premium rates will be reviewed and established at the beginning of each fiscal year by the Director of Athletics based on expenses and financial review in consultation with the Senior Vice President for Finance and the Office of Budget and Planning. The Director of Athletics may grant at-cost or discounted rates for events that are determined to enhance the university’s relationship with the local community or in other ways support the academic mission of the university. Additional charges may be assessed by the Athletic Department for requests for extraordinary access or services, cleaning above and beyond routine housekeeping, and repair of damages.

Responsible Office


(213) 740-4152

Issued by

Todd R. Dickey, Senior Vice President, Administration
University of Southern California