Weekday Football Game Protocol

Purpose and Scope

These guidelines have been developed for the purpose of establishing the university’s expectations regarding the management of weekday football games. As such, the guidelines are intended to: (1) be used by faculty, staff, and students on the University Park Campus to assist in preparing for games that do not take place on a Saturday and (2) establish expected behaviors of fans that attend the event.


Because of USC’s participation in the PAC-12 conference, the university may, on occasion, be required to participate in football games on a weekday. In these instances, the university is committed to ensuring that its primary mission—education, research and patient care—is minimally disrupted. With this in mind, the university will host weekday football games applying the following principles and protocols:

Academic Scheduling

  • The university will not cancel classes.
  • Faculty will be informed of weekday games well in advance of the actual game days to help them make sufficient preparations to plan their syllabi, lectures, assignments, and exams ahead of time. They should inform students at the beginning of the semester about the plans they have adopted for the day of the game.
  • Students will be expected to attend class and complete assignments as required by the faculty.
  • Faculty will consider ways to take account for the inevitable disruption to the campus and heavy traffic in the area, particularly with respect to late afternoon and evening classes. Possibilities include make-up classes, alternative locations, take-home assignments, and use of technology. The Registrar and others in the Office of the Provost will provide suggestions and facilitate the logistics of alternative arrangements.
  • The Provost will, if deemed necessary, adjust class scheduling as needed to ensure that classes may be held within the normal business day while accommodating the management of the event and its attendees.
  • Schools that hold substantial numbers of later afternoon and evening classes on a game day are encouraged to begin to formulate plans to allow classes to be held appropriately while taking account of the traffic and other disruptions on campus.
  • Libraries are to remain open for normal operating hours during weekday games.

Staff Accommodations

  • To ease parking and traffic congestion, management staff will be strongly encouraged to allow University Park Campus staff members to work from home where feasible.
  • In all other instances, management staff will be encouraged to allow their non-critical University Park Campus staff who are not attending the game to leave (without pay penalty) at noon (for 5:00 p.m. games) or 2:00 p.m. (for 7:00 p.m. games).


  • Tailgating (including the set up of tents, chairs, tables, and/or picnic blankets for the purpose of serving a meal or drinks) will not be permitted on campus (no exceptions).
  • Tailgating will not be permitted within university buildings.
  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on campus. Alcohol may only be consumed at licensed liquor establishments located on or near campus.
  • Amplified sound will not be permitted on campus.
  • Pregame parties will not be permitted on the Row or in on-campus or off-campus university-owned residences.

Transportation and Parking

  • Football game attendees will not be allowed to park on campus. On-campus parking is reserved for faculty, staff, and students for the purpose of accommodating normal academic activities.
  • For faculty, staff and students on the day of the game, parking rules will be applied flexibly so that they can use on-campus parking facilities.
  • Faculty, staff and students will be encouraged to use the light rail system and other means of mass transportation.
  • Football game attendees will be directed to park off campus at the Exposition Park Lots, Shrine Lot, the Parking Center, Parking Structure 1, and Parking Structure 2. Transportation Services will partner with other venues to make parking available wherever possible at third party lots (e.g., lots located in downtown Los Angeles).
  • Transportation Services will provide travel options to fans attending the game to encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation to the Coliseum. For example, transportation to and from USC and the Coliseum will be provided by Metro via the Expo Light Rail. This travel option will be emphasized in messages delivered to fans.


  • Wherever possible, on-campus buildings will remain open and accessible as usual during normal business hours.
  • In those instances in which it is deemed necessary to secure a building before the close of normal business hours, building occupants will be notified well in advance of closure.


  • University Relations and Athletics will be responsible for coordinating communication efforts to the campus community and football game attendees regarding the contents of this policy and expectations of football game attendees.

Responsible Office

Office of the Provost

(213) 740-2101