Indirect Cost Rate

When conducting sponsored projects, USC is required to apply the appropriate Facilities and Administrative (“F&A”) rate (also referred to as the “Indirect Cost Rate”) to the appropriate direct cost base for each project.

Bank Accounts

No individual, school, department, institute, center, subunit, group or organization associated with or affiliated with the university (including associated alumni or student organization) is authorized to open a commercial or retail bank account in or using the university’s name, identification or tax information.

Recharge Centers

USC schools, academic departments and other university divisions (units) may establish a recharge center (RC) to provide goods and/or services to university activities, programs and organizations.

School and Department Commitments

Many schools make commitments with their chairs or department/division directors which are incorporated in the operating budget.

Borrowing and Lending Funds

This policy outlines the rules required for the borrowing or lending of funds by any school or department within the university.


The sponsor’s award document normally includes the form and the amount of the cost-sharing commitment or it may reference the proposal submitted to the funding agency.