Third Party Integrity and Accountability Code

We focus on integrity in all we do. Our Third Parties are a vital part of how we achieve our mission, and we must work together to do the right thing in all of our dealings. When working with us or on our behalf, we expect you to perform at the highest standard of business…

Single-use Plastics Elimination – Beverage Bottles

The purpose of this university-wide policy is to eliminate Single-use Plastic Beverage Bottles from campus and medical enterprise operations. By shifting procurement practices, prioritizing reuse and increasing waste diversion and reduction measures, over the next few years, USC intends to transition away from all Single-Use Plastic Beverage Bottles on campus and reach its zero waste goals.

Suppliers and Competition

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the best overall value to the university for the expenditure of funds; this includes the use of preferred suppliers, establishes USC’s competitive bidding requirements, and identifies other supplier requirements.


University community members incur various types of expenses as they perform tasks and duties that support the operations of the university and further its mission.

Expense Business Purpose and Approvals

All university expenses must be necessary and reasonable in terms of price and purpose. Therefore, each university reimbursement and payment request must be supported by a written business purpose, regardless of the item, type of service, amount or form of payment.

Travel Expenditures

The purpose of the policy is to ensure travel expenditures are reasonable, customary, and necessary to conduct official university business.

Recruitment and Relocation Expenditures

This policy is to ensure that university funds allocated toward recruitment and relocation are appropriately approved by the hiring department and processed in compliance with university policies and local, state, and federal requirements.

Travel Cards

USC staff and faculty are eligible for a Travel Card provided they meet the following criteria: Have active employment status, in good standing.

Procurement Cards

The Procurement Card (P-Card) is a corporate card issued on behalf of USC by a bank (Issuing Bank). The P-Card is used for buying goods and services for the university.

Sponsored Project Funded Expense Provisions (Expenditures)

The purpose of this policy is to ensure controls for sponsored project funded expense provisions. When expenses are to be charged to a sponsored project account, the terms of the applicable contract or grant will take precedence over university expenditure policies.

Membership Expense and Restrictions (Expenditures)

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for payments and reimbursements for memberships.

Purchasing and Signature Authority

The purpose of this policy is to control the commitment of university funds, including purchasing and contracting activities.

Invoice Payments

When the purchase of goods and services is authorized by a purchase order, the supplier must provide an invoice for payment.

Independent Contractors

The Internal Revenue Service requires the university to properly classify independent contractors. This policy and the accompanying independent contractor website (see below for link) identify the steps, documents and processes necessary to ensure proper classification of and subsequent payment to independent contractors.

Diverse Supplier Guidelines

The Department of Supplier Diversity Services works in tandem with Procurement Services to provide maximum procurement opportunities for Diverse Suppliers.