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Licensing and CertificationThe University of Southern California (“USC” or “university”) is committed to providing an environment of excellence in the spirit of our Unifying Values. To uphold our commitment to excellence and to ensure the integrity and safety of staff, faculty, students and university stakeholders, the university has an obligation to ensure that all employees, faculty and staff, fulfill all certification, license, and registration requirements for their roles, based on their job classification or job dutiesAll Policy Topics, Faculty Workplace, General Employment, Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceFaculty, Staff4/10/20234/10/2023
University Committee on Appointments, Promotions, TenureThe University Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (UCAPT) serves as the ultimate advisory body to the Provost, who retains final authority on behalf of the President.Faculty WorkplaceFaculty4/20/20171/3/2023
Faculty HandbookThe Faculty Handbook contains the central policies of the University, developed through shared governance.Faculty WorkplaceFaculty6/18/201910/24/2022
CoursewareThe purpose of this policy is to define courseware ownership by way of creation, generating income and/or royalties, outlining contractual courseware agreements, competition, conflict of interest and USC Trademarks and Third-Party Copyrights. All Policy Topics, Faculty Workplace, ResearchFaculty, research9/15/20059/29/2023
Individual Development Plans for FacultyIndividual Development Plans may be considered at the suggestion of either the individual or the chair or dean, for those faculty who would benefit from such plans.Faculty WorkplaceFaculty3/19/20093/19/2009
Evaluation of Department Chairs and FacultyEach school will put in place an evaluation process for department chairs and, modified as needed, for heads of divisions or sections of departments, heads of divisions of schools, and academic directors in schools where that title is used.Faculty WorkplaceFaculty8/17/20008/17/2000
Research and Scholarship MisconductThis policy applies to research and scholarship carried out at USC involving any faculty (including part-time, adjunct and visiting), staff, trainee or students regardless of funding source, if any.All Policy Topics, Faculty Workplace, ResearchFaculty, research, Staff, Students7/31/20207/18/2023
Class SchedulingEach school and department must distribute its course offerings over all five days of the week and over the full day from 8am through 5pm.Faculty WorkplaceFaculty12/21/20153/15/2023