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The USC Student HandbookThe USC Student Handbook outlines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations you have as a student member of this community. Student IssuesStudents7/30/20209/7/2023
Student Travel Abroad - Destination Restrictions and Crisis ManagementAs a global university, USC encourages students to gain international experience through a variety of programs, including study abroad, internships abroad, and international service trips.All Policy Topics, Research, Student Issuesresearch, Students9/3/20204/11/2024
Recognized Student Organization WebsitesRecognized student organizations are allowed to maintain a website on the university’s server. This website will remain active provided the student organization stays in good standing with the university, successfully completes the annual recognition process, and complies with university policy and ITS policy regarding the use of web resources. Student IssuesStudents12/15/200812/15/2008
Scholarship and Grant AwardsThis policy governs the administration of scholarships and grants at the University of Southern California (USC). USC provides scholarships and grants to students consistent with donor specifications on the basis of financial need, merit, or both.All Policy Topics, Research, Student IssuesFaculty, research, Staff, Students11/4/20202/15/2023
Student Health Leave of AbsenceUSC recognizes that health needs may on occasion interfere with a student’s ability to remain in his/her academic program. Student IssuesStudents1/24/20181/24/2018
Student RecordsThe University of Southern California maintains the privacy of student education records and allows students the right to inspect their education records consistent with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).Student IssuesFaculty, Staff, Students9/17/20099/17/2009
Missing Student InformationUSC supports the health and safety of all students. This policy and procedure has been developed to assist in locating students who reside in on-campus and university-owned housing and who have been determined by USC to be missing. Student IssuesFaculty, Staff, Students11/15/201311/15/2013