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Licensing and CertificationThe University of Southern California (“USC” or “university”) is committed to providing an environment of excellence in the spirit of our Unifying Values. To uphold our commitment to excellence and to ensure the integrity and safety of staff, faculty, students and university stakeholders, the university has an obligation to ensure that all employees, faculty and staff, fulfill all certification, license, and registration requirements for their roles, based on their job classification or job dutiesAll Policy Topics, Faculty Workplace, General Employment, Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceFaculty, Staff4/10/20234/10/2023
Workers Compensation PolicyUSC is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for faculty, staff, student workers (including post-doctoral and graduate student workers), and volunteers ("Eligible Individual(s)”). The University follows an established Workers’ Compensation policy.All Policy Topics, General Employment, Staff EmploymentFaculty, Staff5/3/20225/31/2022
Staff Parental LeaveAll staff employees are eligible for these unpaid leaves; excluded are those claiming student status (including teaching and research assistants).All Policy Topics, Staff Employment, Time Off and LeavesStaff7/1/202211/6/2023
Terms and Conditions of EmploymentFor non-faculty employees, employment and compensation with the University of Southern California are at-will and therefore may be terminated, with or without cause, at any time without prior notice, at the staff employee’s or the university’s option.Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceStaff4/1/20094/1/2009
TerminationsEmployment at the university is with the mutual consent of the staff employee and employer and either party may terminate the relationship at-will, with or without advance notice, and with or without cause. Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceStaff4/1/20094/1/2009
Staff BenefitsAll staff employees who work at least 50% time are eligible to participate in university benefit plans. The university contributes a fixed number of dollars towards benefits for its staff employees; any costs beyond university contributions must be paid for by the staff employee. Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceStaff4/1/20094/1/2009
Layoffs and ReorganizationsThis policy is Exhibit A of the University of Southern California Severance Pay Plan. It applies to all benefits-eligible staff employees; excluded are per diems, resource employees, temporary employees, faculty, those claiming student status, and staff employees who were employed for a specific period of time only where an end date was communicated in writing to the staff employee at the time of hire or during employment.Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceStaff6/19/20206/19/2020
Employee DefinitionsThere are two classifications of employees: non-exempt and exempt. All employees are classified as non-exempt unless the duties performed meet criteria established under federal and state regulations that would allow the employee to be classified as exempt.Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceFaculty, Staff6/11/20106/11/2010
Providing Employment ReferencesThe university operates as a single employer and has the right and responsibility to share among university departments accurate employment information concerning the job history and performance of current or former staff employees.Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceFaculty, Staff12/1/201112/1/2011
Postdoctoral ScholarsUSC recognizes the importance of assisting postdoctoral scholars as they develop into independent investigators. All Policy Topics, General Employment, ResearchFaculty, research, Students2/28/20152/15/2023
Training Requirements and OpportunitiesTo ensure compliance with federal, state or local regulatory requirements as well as university policy and procedures, faculty and staff employees may be required to complete specific training requirements as a condition of employment. General EmploymentFaculty, Staff6/15/20186/15/2018
Tuition Assistance BenefitThe university provides the TAB program to assist eligible employees with educational expenses for themselves and their eligible dependents. General EmploymentFaculty, Staff1/1/20191/1/2019
Hiring Foreign Nationals and Immigration Employment SponsorshipThe process of employing foreign nationals (as faculty, staff, or employees claiming student status) involves federal rules and regulations that, if not carefully followed, can result in severe penalties to both employee and employer.All Policy Topics, General Employment, ResearchFaculty, research, Staff12/1/201110/31/2023
Employee RecordsThe university maintains personnel information for each employee to ensure a complete, accurate and current record of documents related to the job and employment status of an employee.General EmploymentFaculty, Staff2/25/20197/25/2023
Background ScreeningThe university conducts background screening, including screening for criminal convictions, on all applicants after a conditional offer of employment, and as a condition of employment.General EmploymentFaculty, Staff8/14/20208/14/2020
Appropriate Attire and AppearanceEmployees must report to work dressed appropriately and according to the requirements of the position and department; good grooming and personal hygiene are expected. General EmploymentFaculty, Staff6/29/20186/29/2018
Fitness-for-Duty EvaluationStaff are expected to manage their health in such a way that they can safely and effectively perform their essential job functions and to discuss with their supervisor any circumstances that may impact their ability to do so. Staff Employment, Staff WorkplaceFaculty, Staff1/1/20081/1/2008
Lactation AccommodationsThe university demonstrates its support of working parents in many ways, including generous leave policies for new parents, subsidized child care programs, and other policies and resources designed to enhance work-life balance throughout the life of a family. General EmploymentFaculty, Staff1/11/20211/11/2021