Submit or Revise a Policy

Step 1

Confirm the need and benefit for a new or revised policy by:

  • Reviewing the current library of policies to ensure necessity 
  • Identifying and consulting with appropriate subject matter experts (“SMEs”) 

Step 2

Fill out the Policy Assessment form, which will be routed to the Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance (“OCEC”) for approval.

Note: Minor revisions that are technical and not substantive (e.g., new contact details, new position titles) do not require a Policy Assessment form nor the review and approval by the Policy Review Core Team.

Step 3

Draft or update the policy using the University Policy Template and Policy Style Guide, which provides guidance on the document’s tone, level of detail, and language.

Step 4

Draft or update any related tools/resources for the policy (e.g., standards, procedures, guidelines) using the templates provided in the Policy Style Guide.

Step 5

Determine change impacts, communications, and training needs required for new/updated policy. Develop communications and/or training in coordination with impacted departments, schools and units.

Step 6

Submit policy, any related resources/tools, communications and/or training for review via the policy management system.

Note: Instructions on how to do this will be emailed to you by OCEC upon completion and review of the Policy Assessment Form.

Step 7

Once the Policy Jurisdiction Owner approves a policy, it is considered final and approved. Distribute approved communications and/or training to impacted stakeholders in a timely fashion once policy goes into effect.

For a full list of policy resources, please visit Policy Resources.